Reviews Erogan

  • Damir
    The more I gained, the less often I wanted to sexual intimacy with his wife. It got to the point that the sex has virtually disappeared from our lives. I didn't want to ruin a marriage, so I went to the doctor. The urologist advised me to normalize the diet, physical activity (especially with legs) and take the pills erogan. Before weight loss erection back into my life thanks to this great tool, so I recommend it to all the men who have problems in bed.
  • Mario
    Because of problems with the thyroid, I have significantly decreased libido, and then completely lost the erection. I was really scared feeling that I can't stay powerless, is a relatively young age. Doctor I don't want to go, so I'm looking for a solution on the Internet and finally found! Pills erogan I'm running a full sex life.
  • Tena
    My husband had problems at work, and then he rejected. She worries that the loss of a job, and I didn't ask her for sex, but when enough time has passed, I realized that he had problems with erection. Then the Internet to find information about the tablets Erogan and decided to buy it. Now we have a second honeymoon!
  • Ivan
    I began to disappear erection, so I shared with my friend my problem. It turned out that it is also not spared. He said, to help him perfect tablets eroganand I also decided to try. I understand that we are all unique, and what helped him, can give me any good result. But my doubts disappeared after 3 days after starting this drug my erection became as it was before, and after 2 weeks I was able to satisfy his wife in bed a whole hour! So I recommend this tool to everyone!
  • Tena
    I never thought that my husband had such a problem as impotence, because he has always led a healthy lifestyle and do sports. For a long time tried to persuade him to see a doctor, and still he surrendered. Sexologist advised him to take the pills eroganand I am very grateful for the fact that the effect of this drug. The sex was the same as in his youth! I advise everyone to try pills eroganand not to suffer in silence erectile dysfunction.
Reviews Erogan